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Best Wineries in Lodi

Lodi is in California, which lies between San Francisco Bay and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Lodi is in a Mediterranean climate, with warm days and cold evenings. This allows winemakers to pick a wide range of grapes, including Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Italian varieties. The city sponsors wine-themed activities such as their annual Wine & Chocolate Festival and Harvest Feast in the fall, as well as a fall food and wine pairing.

The greatest Lodi wineries produce a wide range of varietal and blended wines. While the old vine Zinfandel that thrives in the region is well-known, many winemakers feel that California Cabernet Sauvignon can be grown in Lodi.

Do you want to organize a trip to the greatest wineries in Lodi? We recommend traveling to Sacramento and renting a vehicle. The journey from Sacramento to Lodi is very simple. In Lodi, you will be able to locate pleasant lodgings that can serve as a base for exploring the area’s wineries. Wine tasting in Lodi is a joy. The wineries are unpretentious, and the queues are smaller than in Napa. As you plan your wine tasting trip to Lodi, use our list of top Lodi wineries as a starting point.

Lodi, California Wineries

Lodi is located in the Sacramento River Delta region of California, approximately 30 miles (48 kilometers) from San Francisco. Because of its distinctive sandy soils that provide the ideal growing conditions for world-class wines and its Mediterranean climate, it is one of the most famous appellations in the country.

Although it was less well-known than Napa and Sonoma wine regions, it has lately earned respect from wine enthusiasts and winemakers for its Zinfandel and other diverse varietals, as well as its focus on sustainability under the Lodi Rules program.

Lodi’s wineries are proud of their illustrious history. Lodi has a large number of wineries and vineyards producing excellent beverages in wonderful locations that you should visit. Let’s have a look at the top ten wineries you shouldn’t miss out on.

10 Best Wineries in Lodi

Michael David Winery

For six generations, the Michael David Winery has been located in Lodi. The family of Phillipses is still dedicated to their hometown’s land, community, and spirit. Since the early 20th century, they’ve been farming this soil and growing wine grapes. Brothers Michael and David Phillips are 5th-generation grape growers who have bred their families on-site.

The winery’s wine collection is all produced in Lodi, California, following the strict Lodi Rules. They adhere to Lodi Rules, a set of over 100 criteria that cover all aspects of producing high-quality wine responsibly. Michael David has been recognized for its sustainability practices, winning the Lodi Rules Champion Award in 2016.

Visitors to Michael David Winery can enjoy wine tasting and a winery tour. The winery produces wines from old-vine Zinfandel like their Deadly Sin Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Petit, Freakshow Red Blend, Thunderbird White Wine, Earthquake Zinfandel, and others.

Visit Michael David Winery’s website to learn more about their history, wines, tours, and tastings.

Oak Farm Vineyards

The Panella family moved to the region in 1936, but it was only in 2004 that they purchased Oak Farm Vineyards. Dan enjoyed recreating the property’s 60 acres of vineyards and realizing its enormous potential as a third-generation Californian farmer in 2012. Today, the winery produces a wide range of wines from estate fruit, 14 distinct grape varietals, and selectively sourced grapes.

To all wine enthusiasts, Oak Farm Vineyards has a great wine tasting experience. The center is bordered by a 70-acre meadow of flourishing vines and magnificent century-old oaks, which provides visitors the opportunity to enjoy their beautiful holiday rental located near the tasting room. The staff is passionate about wine and provides knowledgeable and helpful service. The vineyard also has a market where you can purchase local cheese, cured meats, and other snacks to enjoy with your wine.

In addition to wine tastings, Oak Farm Vineyards offers a variety of events such as concerts, art shows, festivals, and private parties. The vineyard is available for weddings and other private functions. Check their website for more information on upcoming events.

Oak Ridge Winery

The Maggio family has resided in Oak Ridge Winery for five generations. The winery aspires to produce wine that they enjoy drinking and wine that may be enjoyed by everyone. They’re glad to share them with you, whether it’s for a huge family gathering or a quiet night at home.

The Maggios are known for producing Old Zin Vines, which represent the origins of the Lodi Appellation and date back to the 16th century. Their wines exude the distinctive flavor profile of the Lodi terroir while also paying homage to a long wine-producing history.

Visitors can enjoy wine tasting at Oak Ridge Winery. The winery offers a variety of tastings, such as Aromatic Tasting (1oz samples), Delectable Tasting (3oz samples), and Premium Tasting (6oz samples). They also offer daily tours of the winery from 11am to 4pm.

Oak Ridge Winery’s wines are available for purchase on their website or through select retailers nationwide.

Weibel Family Tasting Room

In their native Switzerland, the Weibel family developed traditional wine-making skills. Even after they moved to America, they continued working in the wine business. They ultimately decided to buy their vineyard after obtaining all of their expertise.

Weibel & Co has been a part of the Minnesota wine market since its inception. Since then, the Weibel family has kept up with the changing American palette, producing sweet and fortified wines in the 40s and 50s, as well as dryer varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay Pinot Noir, and Sauvignon Blanc in the 60s. Green Hungarian was one of Weibel’s first “zippy” little wines, which became popular among new wine drinkers.

Fred Weibel, Jr. relocated the family winery and its long-time employees to Lodi, California in 1996, after 50 successful years in Fremont. The new Weibel Family Tasting Room is now located in Lodi’s historic downtown.

Wine tastings are available at the Weibel Family Tasting Room from 12:00pm to 5:00pm daily. The tasting room also offers a retail area where you can purchase wine, gifts, and accessories. Check their website for more information on upcoming events.

Klinker Brick Winery

In the Lodi area, Klinker Brick is a fifth-generation winery and vineyard. They have cultivated “old vine” Zinfandel vines for over one hundred years, continuing the tradition. The family has farmed the land since they intended to create high-quality fruit for over a century. Zinfandel was one of the first grapes planted in the Lodi Appellation. They also cultivate and produce Tokay, Carignane, and Alicante these days.

Klinker Brick Winery has gone on to become a world-class vintner, producing distinctive and award-winning wines with their experience in grape cultivation and winemaking. Grapevines require continuous care from dormancy to harvest, which begins in the vineyard with relentless attention to detail. The pursuit of excellence is unwavering from farmhand to barrel.

Klinker Brick Winery is open for wine tasting from 11am to 5pm daily. The winery offers a variety of tastings, such as their Reserve Tasting (1oz samples), Premier Tasting (3oz samples), and Klinker Experience (6oz samples). They also offer daily tours of the vineyard and winery.

Klinker Brick Winery’s wines are available for purchase on their website or through select retailers nationwide.

Jessie’s Grove Winery

Jessie’s Grove Winery, founded in 1867 and located in Lodi, is one of the oldest wineries in California. Joseph Spenker acquired it in 1867 and began growing wheat, alfalfa, and watermelons. However, as a wine enthusiast, he decided to plant his first vineyard in 1886, gradually expanding his holdings. Many of these wines are still produced at the winery today, providing some of its most highly regarded vintages.

Following his death in 1916, the winery was passed down to his daughter Jessie. Even during Prohibition, the Great Depression, and World War 2, she continued his legacy. Her great-grandchildren purchased the vineyard and named it after her as a way to honor her memory. Today, Jessie’s Grove is home to Lodi’s oldest Zinfandel vines and the world’s oldest Cinsault vines!

Jessie’s Grove Winery is open for wine tastings and vineyard tours daily. They offer a variety of tasting options, including their “Grape to Glass” tour, which takes you through the entire winemaking process from the vineyard to bottling. There are also private premium wine tasting experiences available for groups of up to 20 people.

You can purchase Jessie’s Grove wines through their website or select retailers nationwide.

Harney Lane Winery

Since its founding in 1907, Harney Lane Vineyards has specialized in the growing and producing of fine wines from estate vineyards. However, in 2006, the family decided to develop and expand further by creating great wines from its estate vineyards. They are still a family-owned and -operated company that is proud to be Certified Green today. Nowadays, they proudly oversee every aspect of winemaking, including vineyard planting and barrel aging.

The influence of their agricultural roots is combined with a contemporary yet inviting wine tasting experience to produce their fantastic wines. Their motto is love, laughter, family, and wine, which sums up how they approach life: with eagerness and pleasure.

Harney Lane Winery is open daily for wine tastings and vineyard tours. They offer a variety of tasting options, including their “Grape to Glass” tour, which takes you through the entire winemaking process from the vineyard to bottling. There are also private premium wine tasting experiences available for groups of up to 20 people. You can purchase Harney Lane wines through their website or select retailers nationwide.

Berghold Vineyards

The Berghold family name originates from Austria in the 1600s. Surprisingly, their name meant “vineyard laborer.” The family is devoted to wine and only produces excellent grapes and estate wines today.

Berghold Vineyards is a renowned winery with a lovely location to learn about wine and wine production. All estate wines are terroir-driven and produced by hand using time-tested methods, with cutting-edge technology.

Since 1986, the winery has cultivated wine grapes in Lodi. The estate’s three contiguous vineyards cover 85 acres of Syrah, Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petite Syrah (sixteen), Sangiovese (eight), Cabernet Franc (four), Mourvedre (two), Grenache (two), and Zinfandel.

The tasting room is open on weekends, and you can purchase their wines online or through select retailers. You can also join their wine club to get access to special releases and invitations to exclusive events.

Dancing Fox Winery and Brewery

In May of 2009, Dancing Fox Winery was launched. For many years, Gregg and his sons would make wine in the barn on their property. They liked stomping the grapes with their bare feet and cranking the wooden wine press to extract all of the delicious juice. Gregg was satisfied with the quality of wine they produced, and he dreamed of growing his own winery someday.

The winery has grown and evolved since then. Gregg’s sons have begun to brew beer for the cafe. They intend to expand the facility in Lodi’s downtown area to include a new brewhouse and a distillery. Traditional English-style ales are brewed at the brewery, as well as barrel aging. The distillery will produce brandy from Lodi grapes and whisky made from local grains exclusively.

Dancing Fox Winery and Brewery is open for tastings and tours. You can explore the winery, view their process for creating delicious wines, and taste a variety of wines and beers.

Mettler Family Vineyards

The Mettler family has been growing grapes for almost eight generations, starting in the tiny village of Alsace in France and dating back to. They have been cultivating premium wine grapes in the Lodi appellation for six generations, alongside their wines, and continue to produce grapes for many well-known wineries. They still farm some of their original family sites, which date back to the late 1800s, making them among the oldest in Lodi.

Their wines are a manifestation of the land and how the grapes are grown. “Our family’s commitment to integrity for the land and responsible farming practices assures that our wine grapes are of excellent quality for our wines.” From the field to the bottle, from growing to harvesting, shipping, winemaking, and sales, we’re all in this together.

Mettler Family Vineyards has a wide selection of wines available for purchase. You can join their wine club to get access to special releases, discounts, and invitations to exclusive events.

Best Wine Tasting Rooms in Lodi

Tasting various types of wine while visiting a winery is an obvious activity, but the finest wineries for tastings or tours may be found elsewhere.

Weibel Family Tasting Room: The tasting room’s design is a mix of vintage and contemporary, providing a warm yet elegant atmosphere. The pleasant atmosphere created by the kind staff and excellent service also demonstrates the room’s warmth. You may taste up to five wines here, as well as delicious slushies, which are ideal for hot summer days.

Oak Ridge Winery: This is one of the greatest in the region, as it was one of the first wine tasting rooms in Lodi. Although the tasting room is modest, its decor and ambiance more than make up for it. It also has a lovely covered patio with spectacular views of the vineyards, which adds to its charm. It’s an oasis of calm and peace with wonderful service and a place to congregate with friends. Of course, all of their wines are world-class, putting them on top as Lodi’s oldest operational winery.

Harney Lane Winery: The tasting room is a lovely place to sample great wines and learn more about the region’s appellation history. You’ll get a unique tasting experience with a tasting flight of their favorite estate wines from an experienced staff member as your guide. The session lasts around 40 minutes.

Berghold Vineyards: This beautiful tasting room transports you to Italy. After all, the wine looks like an Italian villa in the midst of Lodi’s winemaking region. The wines are fantastic and elegant here. The staff is always ready to offer you any information you require regarding wine and winemaking. You may enjoy a leisurely day of wine tasting while listening to live music as a backdrop.

Best Wineries with Restaurants

The greatest approach to sampling a wonderful wine is with delicious, rich food. Many wineries have a restaurant on the premises where you can dine on the winery’s finest wines.

Michael David Winery: The local cuisine of the region is on full display at the hotel, with a sit-down café that serves lunch and dinner. The farmstand offers seasonal selections of produce grown on-site or locally in Lodi. Handcrafted signature pies using Michael and David’s mother’s recipe are also available to buy for you to take home.

Dancing Fox Winery: On the weekends, a cafeteria on-site serves delectable cuisine. Sundays are also when they offer delicious brunch from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The ambiance is warm and inviting, and their food, like their wines, is influenced by European cooking styles. Steaks, pizza, wraps, sandwiches, salads, bread pudding, and more are all available on the menu.

Klinker Brick Winery: The “Old Ghost” house, located at the entrance of Old Vines Wine Cellars, is a must-see. You can sample award-winning Old Vine Zinfandels while you’re there. Take a walk around the surrounding vines to see the stunning view of Mount Diablo from the south patio. Also make sure to go outside to the north courtyard, where you can relax with the peaceful countryside backdrop of an old vine bronze fountain.

Best Wineries with Wedding and Other Venue Events

Wine is more than a bottle of wine that you keep for an occasion. It also contains stunning vistas of vineyards and rustic and antique winemaking equipment and tasting rooms, as well as gorgeous landscapes. If you’re a serious wine connoisseur, go to the greatest wineries in your area where you can celebrate your wedding or commemorate other significant events.

Oak Farm Vineyards: The beautiful landscape, made up of unique and historical structures, lends itself to a magnificent wine country backdrop for a wedding venue. You may either have a tiny ceremony or a big party here. On-site wedding planners and coordinators work with you throughout the planning process and on your special day to ensure that everything goes smoothly. They can help you select a caterer, a photographer, or even locate a pastor to officiate the wedding. They also assist in matching your cuisine with the ideal wine. From the instant they first meet you until years later when you return for a trip, they take excellent and individualized care of each wedding.

Jessie’s Grove Winery: The winery is recognized for its long history and vintage tasting room. As a result, this is the ideal place to learn about Lodi’s lengthy heritage and lifestyle of wine and winemaking. With live bands playing at the tasting room on a regular basis, it becomes a large venue with a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. There are various events held here on a weekly basis, ranging from different themes to different artists performing.

Mettler Family Vineyards: The tasting room and wedding venue on the seven acres of lovely country vistas might be the start of your fairy tale romance. Weddings for up to 150 people may be held in this beautiful environment’s exquisite setting.

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Final Thoughts

Lodi is a must-see for wine enthusiasts because of its outstanding flavored wines and breathtaking vistas. Lodi should be your choice if your taste buds enjoy the Zinfandel variety. The weather in Lodi allows it to be a productive and fast-growing high-quality wine area.

Lodi’s wineries also provide outdoor activities and entertainment, a pleasant and sociable atmosphere, and a lovely community and family of inventive winemakers. Lodi is the greatest location for you if you enjoy wine and want to live an easygoing, one-of-a-kind winemaking existence!

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