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What Is Cork Made Of?

Cork is a pretty remarkable material. Its elasticity, strength, and impermeability to air are just some of the cork’s features. Natural cork is harvested from cork oak trees without harming them or cutting them down. It can be reused for 10 years before needing to be replaced again! Cork has […]

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What is Chenin Blanc?

Chenin Blanc is a dry wine variety that has been grown in the Loire Valley region of France for centuries. It’s most often used to produce light-bodied white wines, but can also be found in red wines, sparkling wines, and Rosés. The Chenin blanc grape is well-known for its ability […]

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Wine and Milk

 If you are someone who drinks alcohol regularly, then you may have been told that you are not supposed to mix your alcohol with certain substances, such as prescription medications. At the same time, what is the relationship between wine and milk? Whether you drink red wine or white wine, […]

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What is a Wine Aerator?

Whether you’re an elite sommelier or a budding wine enthusiast, chances are, you’d be able to rate the quality of the wine you just bought. But what if you could significantly improve how your wine tastes and smells? What if, by just adding one more step to your wine ritual, […]

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Can You Freeze Wine?

You might be a novice on the heady tastes and textures of great wines in the wine world, or you could already be one of those seasoned wine connoisseurs that have that impeccable taste when it comes to the subject of fine aged grapes. In any case, you may already […]

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Champagne vs Prosecco

Champagne and Prosecco are both sparkling wines that are typically consumed during celebrations and festivities. Most often, both wines are perceived interchangeably but there are actually a lot more differences than similarities between the two. Should you purchase Champagne or Prosecco for your next dinner party or maybe for New […]