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14 Best Italian Red Wines

The best approach to get a handle on Italian red wines is to simply start drinking them. Italy provides the ideal red wine for every scenario, from pizza Monday through Sunday roast beef with the in-laws, and everything in between. The name of a country’s wine appellation, often together with […]

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What is Malbec Wine?

The wine industry is an ever-changing one, and it’s important to understand what wine you are drinking. Malbec wine is the full-bodied red wine of the moment. It has dark fruit flavors while retaining dryness which allows it to be paired with many foods. But where did this unique, dry […]

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Dry Red Wine

Wine connoisseurs love dry red wine for its lack of sweetness and high tannin levels. The result of these characteristics provides a fantastic sensory experience for wine lovers who appreciate the complexities of flavors and aromas of the fully fermented and aged red wine grape. Distinguished from sweet red wine, […]

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Sweet Red Wine

Sweet red wine is a fantastic introduction to wine, as compared to jumping directly into a dry, complex red wine for anyone who’s starting to appreciate wine drinking. It’s also an ideal “transitionary wine” for white wine enthusiasts who would like to start drinking red wine. What makes sweet red […]

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How To Remove Red Wine Stains

Red wine stains are often a death sentence when it comes to clothing, but in certain circumstances, you may be able to save your favorite dress or shirt if you act quickly. Read further to learn how to remove red wine stains. How to Remove Red Wine Stains from Clothing […]